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January 29, 2010


Roast Review: Honduras Organic – Daniel Ordoñez III Microlot

January 28, 2010

Cola has its time and place, ideally consumed every other week or so in the dead of summer. The Honduras Organic – Daniel Ordoñez III Microlot, when roasted just right, has just a hint of cola that hits a different, yet equally sublime, time and place in its cup. That cup is balanced with a touch of currant and a gentle twang of acidity. The coffee begins to resemble sweet butter as it cools, forcing a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

Pairing suggestion: Bunker Hill’s “Hide and Go Seek”. It’s all about the excitement.

Death by Ethiopian

January 27, 2010

My roaster, aka a KG Popcorn Popper, was killed last night by an Ethiopian. During the second batch of the night and after a few sparks here and there, my $10 Plastic Fantastic just up and died.

I should have known. I’ve roasted this coffee before and had a bad feeling about it. Far too much chaff and a lack of evenness throughout all roast profiles (C to FC+) attempted.

As to the cup it produced: the Ethiopia DP Haile Selassie Sidamo was fruity as advertised, but left a little to be desired. The blueberry so often present in Ethiopians is there along with a bit of pear, and it had a citric aftertaste. Other than that, nothing about this coffee really stood out. Fair body, a little too much acidity…things that can no doubt be tweaked on the roasting end, but I think that I’ll pass.

Pairing suggestion: The Kinks “Death of a Clown“.

R.I.P. Plastic Fantastic #1. You will be missed.

January 26, 2010

Coffee Review – Finca Los Andes El Salvador

January 20, 2010

Recently a friend was kind enough to return from San Francisco with a little gift for me, a 12oz bag of Ritual Coffee’s Finca los Andes (El Salvador).  This coffee produces a delightful cup that has hints of dark chocolate and orange, though it lacks the acidity that might be expected given the citric association. The body is light and the mouthfeel pleasant enough.

Pairing suggestion: Art Blakey’s rendition of “A Night in Tunisia”. They’re both a little exotic without being too far out there, have established origins (El Sal, Dizzy Gillespie), and delivered to us by pros who know what they’re doing.

Roast Review: El Salvador Siberia Estate Pacamara

January 13, 2010

The El Salvador Siberia Estate Pacamara was purchased just over a month ago from the wonderful folks at Sweet Maria’s. We’ve toyed around with various roasts, though haven’t yet taken it all the way to a Full City+. This most recent batch (FC) came out nice and even as we brought it just to the start of the second crack. This morning’s cup had a smooth body and nice acidity. The tartness that rolled down your throat that was present the first day (approx. 18 hours after roast) mellowed out the second day. The cup had was quite fruity (somewhere between lemon and cranberry) but became cinnamony as it cooled. For the next batch, we’ll take this just a bit darker (FC+) and see if we can’t really bring out that spice.

Pairing suggestion: Beirut’s  “La Llorona” . The vocals match the body of the coffee and horns that accent the song much like the acidity in the cup.