Death by Ethiopian

My roaster, aka a KG Popcorn Popper, was killed last night by an Ethiopian. During the second batch of the night and after a few sparks here and there, my $10 Plastic Fantastic just up and died.

I should have known. I’ve roasted this coffee before and had a bad feeling about it. Far too much chaff and a lack of evenness throughout all roast profiles (C to FC+) attempted.

As to the cup it produced: the Ethiopia DP Haile Selassie Sidamo was fruity as advertised, but left a little to be desired. The blueberry so often present in Ethiopians is there along with a bit of pear, and it had a citric aftertaste. Other than that, nothing about this coffee really stood out. Fair body, a little too much acidity…things that can no doubt be tweaked on the roasting end, but I think that I’ll pass.

Pairing suggestion: The Kinks “Death of a Clown“.

R.I.P. Plastic Fantastic #1. You will be missed.


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