Kenya Gatomboya – Stumptown Roasters

Picked up this coffee from Stumptown over at Cafe de Leche in Highland Park. Their drip version of this coffee was bright, with citrus fruit notes and a relatively light body. Delicious.
Pressed, this coffee picked up considerably more body and was more true to Stumptown’s description of a chocolate finish though I can’t say I tasted any Rhubarb.

For shits and giggles I decided to filter the pressed coffee into the Chemex. Fruit notes and acidity remained intact but the body was lost in transition, a character I believe this coffee really benefits from. I’d say the viscosity of the press method seems to round out the overall cup character. The length and the profile of the finish was also noticeably different; French Press had a lengthier more complex finish-a longer lasting impression, while the filtered method faded out with  barely noticeable hints of cacao.

Stick to the press for this coffee, the Frenchy does it right.


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